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Crooked Dice: November Releases

Crooked Dice is releasing quite a few minis this month. Take a look at the new offerings.

From the release:

This month we give you nine miniatures – our biggest release so far! In store now:

Misty, Head Girl & Zombie Hunter
To tie-in with the release of For Ghouls and Colleges, we're releasing our first 7ombieTV miniature - Misty. Sculpted by Ian Mountain and available for £4.

Minion Specialists II: Bazooka Team
Increase the firepower of your hired help with our new Bazooka Team Minions. Available as a pair for £6.

Minion Specialists III: Dog Handler & Grenadier
Hunt down your enemies and smoke them out with these new Minion Specialists. We have the deal of all 3 for £7.50, £4.50 for the Handler and one dog and £3.25 for the Grenadier.

Some brave British bobbies with their trusty guard dog are up next! Get the deal of all 4 for £10 or each Copper individually (the Animal Handler/Torch Copper comes with or without a Dog).

Guard Dog
The Guard Dog is also available individually for £1.60 and in our £7 for 5 deal.