Crooked Dice Minions preview

Crooked Dice Game Design Studio have posted a preview of their upcoming sci-fi Minion miniatures.


From their announcement:

Crooked Dice’s last release of 2010 are two Minions. These are generic troops to populate your spaceship corridors and secret bases. To try and give as much flexibility as possible there are two headless bodies, one unarmed (6a) and one armed (6b) (sculpted by Mark Evans) and a range of different heads.

There are two head sprues each containing either three human or three alien heads – all compatible with the CD previous astronauts. Sprue 6c has three human heads include a Peaceful Space Explorer, Grizzled Survivor and Hard-hatted Goon. Sprue 6d includes three alien heads – a Hog-Hybrid, a Squid-Servitor and an Emotionless Mannequin.

Pricing and deals released shortly, but we are aiming for a December release.