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Crooked Dice July releases now available

Crooked Dice has their July releases now available in their webstore. Let's take a look at the new things that are available.

From the update:

Our July releases are all live in the Store. This month we have a range of figures:
Hugo Solomon & Pandora King Deal £7.50. This has our new Solomon and the old Pandora in one place, which seems fitting. This deal replaces the old Pandora deal.
Hugo Soloman £4
Daughters of SHIVA Deal £7.50. 3 lithe assassins using resculpted Femdroid bodies and female minion heads. With scimitars. As you do.
Daughter of SHIVA £3
Minion Weapons £1.60. Nightstick, pistol, rifle and SMG. Also available in our Head mix'n'match deal.

As noted in their Store entries, Solomon and the Daughters of SHIVA will appear in our forthcoming PDF supplement, the Programme Guide Volume 1.