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Crooked Dice has new Crab Men and monkey heads

Crooked Deice now has new Crab Men and monkey heads available in their online store. Go see for yourself.

From the update:

The last of our April releases are now available - sinster 28mm Crab Men - or the Envoys to those who play 7TV!

The Envoy Deal, Envoys, Conch-Kin and Conch-Kin victim into the Store, links below.

The Envoy Deal is currently POST FREE to UK customers – i.e. you won't be charged postage on the Envoy Deal part of your order. If that's all you order, we'll pay the postage. If you order anything else then postage accrues as normal on the non Envoy Deal bits of it. European and International customers still need to add the non-UK shipping add to your order.