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Crooked Dice Femdroids released and 7TV news

Crooked Dice Game Design Studio have released their 28mm Femdroid figures. Femdroids From their announcement:
The Femdroids hit the Crooked Dice webstore today for use in 7TV or other pulp gaming or just to paint and look lovely. Fluff and silky on the outside, valves and wires inside – that's what these little girls are made of. Femdroids are the latest assassination tool to be used by evildoers – infiltrate and eliminate! They can distract even the most hardened opponent, and can be equipped with fleshtones and chest weapons(!) for extra devastation. Sculpted by Andrew Rae, these 28mm ladies feature mix and match heads. Single figures are £3 each (hot-pants with human head or baby doll with robo-face) or get the 4 figure Deal for £10. Available now! And coming soon - Stay tuned for 7TV Welcome to the world of inch-high spy-fi! Our cult TV inspired rulebook will soon be available for pre-order plus immediate PDF downloads in the next couple of weeks. It's a hardback, 184 full colour pages ruleset using the Crooked Dice action:engine. Create 'casts' inspired by your childhood shows and fight across the tabletop as flamboyant agents or evil masterminds! The full printed rules will be released at Salute 2011 in April and available to order on-line shortly after.