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Crooked Dice: Agent Pandora King released

Crooked Dice Game Design Studio have released their Agent Pandora King miniature. Agent Pandora King From their announcement:
Agent Pandora King is now available to buy from the Crooked Dice webstore: Equally capable of wielding a withering put-down, a beguiling smile or a karate chop, Department X's Pandora King is devastating in every sense of the word, and our first (but not last) 7TV personality. 7TV will contain the rules you need to kick some ass with the fiesty fisty avenger (released in April 2011). Sculpted by Andrew Rae in 28mm scale, she comes with a 25mm base unless you specify a 30mm display base in the cart for £4. Ms King is available with any other single miniature we sell for £7 – simply tell us your preference on check out. If you want one of the Minions tell us which head set you would like as well. You can't get two Pandora's but you can take 3 sets of heads instead.