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Crone tabletop RPG card game Kickstarter launches

Crone, the RPG where you play a powerful witch, has launched their Kickstarter campaign.


From the campaign:

Crone is a card-based role-playing game where you and your fellow players adopt the role of witches in a dark age of shattered empires and untamed wilderness. One player, the Game Master, organizes an adventure while the others create their characters, choosing skills and reputations & building decks of spells and artifacts.

Crone’s witches don’t build gingerbread houses or eat naughty children — well...most don’t. Instead, they journey across the land, fighting powerful evil and working to bring hope back to a world engulfed by the horrors and ignorance of the Dark Ages.

In contrast with many other role-playing games, the characters of Crone do not start at a low point of skill or ability. They are immensely powerful witches, and the threats they face and goals they pursue will mirror that power.