Crocodile to miss Salute

Due to continuing problems flying into the UK, Crocodile Games will not be able to attend Salute 2010.

From their website:

Well as I am sure you are all aware by now there is a giant volcanic ash cloud looming over the UK. Flights have been canceled over the last 6 days (including our flight) and stranding millions of travellers all over the world.

And so the Volcano wins… Mother Nature prevails over modern technology and for the first time in years Crocodile Games will be unable to attend Salute. 🙁

With our flight being canceled we have now been put at the back of the queue for re-booking — even if they get the planes going again soon, it is very doubtful we could get out in time.

For those who have pre-ordered miniatures from us, we have not charged anyone. If you have a pending pre-order and would like it posted, please drop us a line and we’ll get it sorted out.

Thanks for your understanding.