Crocodile release the Abominable Snowbeast & Ice Warriors

Crocodile Games have released their Abominable Snowbeast & Ice Warriors miniatures.

Abominable Snowbeast & Ice Warriors
Abominable Snowbeast & Ice Warriors

From their announcement:

Winter has settled in here at the Croc HQ, with snow and freezing temperatures. What better time for the Wendigo to make an appearance.

In this month’s release we have the dreaded Abominable Snowbeast, as well as the mighty Wendigo Ice Warriors. The Abominable Snowbeast is a massive model, standing 4.25 inches tall and weighing over a pound of metal. The effect of this miniature on the battlefield is awesome to to see, as it towers over all other models. The Ice Warriors are Wendigo Tribal Heroes, armed with deadly Frostbite Blades — swords chiseled from pure ice. All of these miniatures were sculpted by the master of monsters — Ben Siens, and are available NOW in the Croc Online Store.

As for retail stores, these minis are shipping this week to our Distributors, and should be showing up on store shelves before the month is out — with plenty of time to get them painted while there is still snow on the ground. If you want your local game store to carry them, please be sure to request them to put an order in for you.

Shipping In January


  • WGH-103 Ice Warrior 1 $14.95
  • WGH-104 Ice Warrior 2 $14.95
  • WGH-105 Ice Warrior 3 $14.95
  • WGH-106 Ice Warrior 4 $14.95

Mythic Creatures

  • WGH-701 The Abominable Snowbeast & Summoner $74.95