Crocodile Games unlocks Peltast Reinforcements in WarGods of Olympus Kickstarter

By Polar_Bear
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Jun 22nd, 2013
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Crocodile Games unlocked another stretch goal in their WarGods of Olympus Kickstarter campaing, adding Peltast Reinforcements to the mix. Next up, automatons.
Yup, kids, they’re doing a mini of Bubo.

From the update:

The latest stretch goal in the WarGods Kickstarter has been unlocked – Reinforcements! Now ALL Peltast units that are a part of the WarGods Kickstarter program are upgraded from 10 to 12 models!

And the next stretch goal is a doozie – Automatons at $90,000! When we get there, we’ll unlock the bronze Automatons of Hephaestus – clockwork servants that are crafted by Hephaestus to protect and entertain him! These include the Minotaur, Hoplite, Owl, Hound, and Bull, all all will be purchasable as Add-Ons once unlocked. But it gets even better – when the Automatons are unlocked, all miniature rewards in the entire kickstarter will receive a FREE Bronze Owl miniature – to serve and advise your Demigod!

Let’s get to the Forge of Hephaustus, and unleash the bronze Automatons!


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  • blkdymnd

    The eye! Get the eye Bubo!

    Man, I love that movie. Not enough to pledge to Croc, but the models cool.