Crocodile Games previews Ares green and Dionysus artwork

Crocodile Games is also posting some preview greens for their Kickstarter. This one’s for Ares as well as giving you a look at the artwork for Dionysus.

From the preview:

The WarGods Kickstarter is into the 2nd week… here’s the latest update from the sculpting table… Just finished is another Demigod – Ares, the god of war! The figure was sculpted by Chris FitzPatrick and based on concept art by Des Hanley.

He’s armed to to teeth: he’s charging forward with a spear upraised to strike, and has a pair of daggers laced to his legs, and a spare javelin carried on his back. Even his shield can be used as a weapon, with two punch daggers protruding from the front. This is a miniature for the guys who don’t play nice!

Check out the extra photos on the Croc Forum for more views from other angles of the mini.