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Crocodile Games goes to Historicon

Crocodile Games will be attending Historicon 2011. From their announcement:
Well it’s that time of the year, folks! Historicon! The Croc-Mobile is loaded full of goodies and we are just heading out the door, to Valley Forge Pennsylvania! We'll be bringing the new Mycenaeans to the show, including Mycenaean Starter Sets for $75, which include 17 miniatures: 1 Mycenaean Phalanx (12 Hoplites) Herald & Musician 2 Honor Guards Limited Edition “Agamemnon, King of Mycenae” We'll also have the convention figure "The Crocogamer" the Sebeki Convention attendee for sale at $12 each. And last, Fitz is bringing 4 cases of our overstock books -- get a WarGods of Aegyptus rulebook for the amazing price of only $10! We need to clear some space at our manufacturer's warehouse, so these extra books have to go! But the supply of the overstock books is getting low, so be sure to come by early. Drop by the Croc booth for special offers and new arrivals! We hope to see you there! Note: Since we are going to be at Historicon for the week, the sales office will be closed until we get back. We made every effort to get all pending orders out the door, there are a few that didn’t make it (waiting on restocks) – we sincerely apologize if your order was one of them and we will be wrapping up all old orders first thing next week.