Croc Tales 3 now availble

Croc Tales 3 preview.jpgCrocodile Games have released issue 3 of their Croc Tales e-zine.

From their website:
Its a new year, and the 3rd issue of the Crocodile Games webzine is here.

This month’s issue ihas a special focus on the followers of Horus, for WarGods of Aegyptus. It includes the official rules for the Asar Warhawks, the Daughter of the Phoenix, a Heru Strategy Guide, Converting & Painting City-Dwellers of Hierakonpolis, and the offshoot scenario ‘Sacrilege at the Temple of Dusk’. Everything you need to jump-start your Horus warband. What’s more, Warhawk Units are currently on sale this month in the Croc store.