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Critical Success

Two Peas has a Kickstarter campaign underway for Key20 key chains. They've made it over their goal and still have 21 days to go.
Hey, I can post kitsch every now and again.


From the campaign:

We are trying to put forth an awesome series of key chains and would be thrilled if you made our flag-project a critical success. To help return your support, we are pricing our key chains as low as possible, cutting out most of the profit so you can worry more about how awesome your are and less about the price of this epic-level key chain. Most importantly, you can help us fund our future key chain projects by aiding us in our dream to meet and exceed our pledge goal. If the pledge goal is doubled within the first 15 days of our Kickstarter, then we will offer the next batch of key chains in this kickstarter, as opposed to our next one. Additionally, surveys will be posted asking you, the community, for your input as to what you would like to see in our product. By accomplishing all of this, we hope to inspire in you the confidence and drive to support and back us.