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Critical Mass update release schedule

Critical Mass Games have a new forum post regarding their updated April 2011 release schedule. From their announcement:
Firstly we must apologise that we have had to change the release schedule, as often happens real life can often intervine and this has certainly been the case for Dale and I in trying to process items for release. Dale has recently had to relocate to be closer to his sick mother, meaning his home studio has been put out of commission for the next couple of weeks whilst he re-establishes his home, couple that with an unavoidable switch in mould makers and we have a net result of delay. Whilst we had taken appropriate action where we could prior to Salute, particulalry in terms of stock, the completion of some new works was/is out of our hands at the time being. So despite our best efforts we have now had to re-assess the release of some items. The main alteration to the schedule has been regarding the Praesentia, processing these has exceeded our deadlines so the vehicles release has been pushed back to July and the knock on of that is the Infantry will now be released in August. Similarly the production fo the Kaamados building sets has also had to be pushed back. Whilst these delays are annoying to us as much as you, we still have quite a packed release schedule coming up throughout 2011. The updated release schedule can be found here.