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Critical Mass Tokens and Templates Released

Critical Mass Games has a whole bunch of new templates and tokens available over on their website.

From the update:

This month we have managed to squeeze in a host of new support releases for the Critical Mass 15mm Company Level Sci-fi rules with some fine laser cut acrylic tokens and templates as well as some excellent new deals for those of you looking to start out with Critical Mass. All this can be found in the updated "Rules and Tokens" section of the website..

First up in this months release is CMTK1, a 22 Token Status set which includes everything you need to keep track of your Battle Force. Included in this set are 4x Hunkered Down Tokens, 4x Pinned Tokens, 4x Dug In Tokens, 4x Out of Actions Tokens, 2x Wouned Tokens, 2x In Flight Vtol Tokens, and 2 x Redeploy Tokens. This set is priced £7.00

Following on from this we have four faction specific Activation token sets (CMTK2-5) for keeping track of units in game. Each of these sets contains 10 Faction Activation markers and 6 Communication point tokens and are priced £5.00 per set.

All of these tokens are available for order individually (mail order only) priced £0.35 each making them useful for any ruleset.

Players who like to bring out the big guns and orbital strikes will be pleased with the added release of the Area effect template (CMTP1). This 6x6 inch template is inscribed with the save rules for infantry, guns, and vehicles, as well as the tables releating to communications strikes and area effect damage. The Area effect Template is priced £7.00.

The final addition to our game support is the movement template (CMTP2), a handy tool giving 1-6" of movement as well as an inscribed table listing all types of mobility along with their corresponding movement allowances and the difficult ground rules for reference. The movement template is priced £5.00.

As if this was not enough we have also added four new web exclusive Starter Bundle offers to the rules section. Each bundle gives you the Critical Mass Rules, a 1000pts Starter Battle Force, a Faction specific 16 Token Activation and Comms set, and a 22 Token Status set, meaning you have everything you need to start playing the game, and you save £5.00 off the individual price.

WEBX1 - ARC Fleet Starter Bundle £80.00
WEBX2 - Protolene Khanate Starter Bundle £70.00
WEBX3 - Kaamados Starter Bundle £65.00
WEBX4 - Praesentia Starter Bundle £65.00