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Critical Mass Salute report and update

Critical Mass Games have posted an update regarding their online store and releases and have also posted a report from Salute 2011. From their announcement:
Another great Salute has now been and gone, you can read more about Critical Mass Games at Salute over on our forums here. The April releases are now all in the online store, and what bumper crop it has been. First up we have the new rules section where you can order the Critical Mass 15mm Company level Sci-fi rules. This first edition presents the core rules, armies lists, and scenarios for this fast pace alternate action game. Keep your eyes on the forums over the next few weeks as we post up some videos showing how the game plays. Adding support to the rules we have also added the Infantry Platoon deals section to the store where you can grab pre-made platoons deals for the Critical Mass rules system. These platoons contain everything you need to make up units listed in the rules, including additional infantry weapon upgrade options where necessary and bases.
ARC Fleet building set 2 is now available again though it has now been remastered offering buildings with a much more hardened appearance and as you can see they have painted up beautifully. Not to be left out the Protolene Vehicle section also has had some additional items added in the form of the Ayame Khans. These models utilise the Ayame legs and arms components but add a completely new hull section, making the Khans distinctive amongst the packs. Lastly but by no means least we have the Gruntz army deals section, providing pre made deals for the Gruntz rules system. The contents of these sets will provide players with a core starter army upon which they can play and build.