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Critical Mass sale and new releases

Critical Mass Games have started their sale a day early and also have new releases available. ZAS Infantry From their website:
The sale has arrived, yes a whole day early as we have finished updating the website sooner than expected. All prices are now discounted throughout the site.
  • 20% off all Infantry Packs
  • 15% off all Buildings & Accessories
  • 15% off all Single Vehicles
  • 10% off all Vehicles Platoon Deals
On top of that we have managed to sneak in this months new releases early to give you chance to grab some with out rushing in on the sale late. First up are the ZAS Infantry adding four new exciting characters to the Mercenaries range. In the Accessories section we have added four new codes for Street Furniture, with Street Lamps, Bollards and Bulk Head Lights. These are available in a bulk pack containing 24 pieces (8 of each item type) or in specific item packs containing 8 of each piece.