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Critical Mass new releases

Critical Mass Games have posted details of their new 15mm sci-fi releases. Vorq'La Mercenaries From their website:
The new releases for this month are now available for order in the online store. Included in the line up are the much awaited ARC Grav Bikes, from the talented hands of John Bear Ross and Phil Lewis, combining CAD and traditional scultping. The Single Seater Grav Bike, AFGB1 is priced £3.50, the Two Seater Grav Bike, AFGB2 is priced £4.00, and the Missile Launcher Variant AFGB3 is priced £4.00. In addition to this we are also offering a Critical Mass Platoon deal containing a full mechanised Recon Platoon (7 Bikes) for £26.00. You can all the Grav Bikes on in the ARC Fleet section of the store here. Added to the Protolene Khanate Vehicle section of the online store we finally have last months missing Ayame Assault suits, our apologies for the delay in these releases but the models are now available, and mould making is back in action, pictures will follow next week once they are finished. Finally, but by no means least we have the Vorq'La Mercenaries, the brain child of Jimbo Burrel and created by the awesome talent P.F. these models have finally bubbled their way to the top of the release schedule mound and are available in the .