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Critical Mass Games taking Salute pre-orders

Critical Mass Games is headed to Salute and if you want to make an order with them beforehand, they can bring it with them to the show for you to pick it up.


From the announcement:

With the UKs biggest gaming show, Salute, looming on April 12th 2014 at the London Excel Centre, the Critical Mass Games Pre-order Page is live.

Critical Mass Games has some exciting new models available at the show this year so please help us bring the right amount by getting in your pre-orders.

This year we are offering those of you who choose to pre-order a 10% discount, whilst those pre-orders of £100 or more will qualify for a 15% discount and pre-orders over £150 or more will qualify for a 20% from your pre-order total.

You can place your pre-orders here via our website.

The Critical Mass Games Trade Stand will once again be in the same place as last year to the right of the main entrance in position TK02 with games at GK03.

We have the usual array of Critical Mass participation games as well as a beta game we will be participation play testing at the show. Space is likely to be tight on this game so drop in early to grab a game.

New releases for the show include a multitude of new models plus a new XL Digitial pattern camo sheet for the MaskFX range which uses a grid pattern twice as large as the regular 15 and 28mm sheets for rapid coverage of larger models.

Mercenaries Vanguard Mecha (arms and shoulders included) - £10.00
ARC Fleet Combat Walker Advance "Hydra" Variant - £9.00
ARC Fleet Combat Walker Advance "Furion" Variant - £10.00
ARC Fleet Combat Walker Advance "Valkyrie" Variant - £10.00
Ygs Ygarra "Trooper" Power Armour - £3.50
Ygs Ygarra "Gunner" Power Armour - £3.50
Ygs Ygaden "Gunman" Assault Mecha - £10.00
Ygs Ygaden "Guardsman" Assault Mecha - £10.00
Civilian Transport Pods x 4 - £5.00
Civilian Cars x 4 - £10.00
Civilian Van/Pickups x 3 (random) - £10.00
28mm MaskFX XL Digital Pattern Camo (4mm grid pattern) - £10.00

See you at the show

Craig @ Critical Mass Games