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Critical Mass Games stat cards for Gruntz

The Gruntz website has new stat cards for the Critical Mass Games starter armies. From their announcement:
There is a new downloads section on the website with the updated Critical Mass Games starter armies (click on DOWNLOADS tab).   You now get every card you need for the CMG starter army deals in an A4 / Letter landscape page format,  the cards are also more printer friendly (Thanks Michiel!) and each PDF starts with a summary of the army and total points. Where an army has multiples of units e.g. 6 of the same squad I have included six of the card so you can quickly label and use them. One of the armies has 2 Okami walker APC's (the new smaller walker due out on Saturday!). I have included the three weapon variants in this PDF, even though you will only get 2 of the model in the starter amy.