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Critical Mass Games release new 15mm Mecha

Critical Mass Games has some new 15mm mech miniatures available in their webshop, along with some only-available-online weapons.


From the post:

Critical Mass Games is pleased to announce the general release of the 15mm Blackguard and Ravager Mecha.

These mecha where created with the help of our ZAS Kickstarter Backers last year.

The Blackguard Heavy Support mecha is the long range hitter of this duo being armed with twin Plasma Cannons and long range missile packs.

The jet pack and thruster equipped Ravager takes things a little more up close and personal being equipped with a Combat claw and Flamer.

Both these kits are priced £10.00 each and are also available in platoon deals of three kits for £29.00. Check them out in the Online store here more images can be found linked at the bottom of each mecha item page.

In addition to these mecha we also have 4 online exclusive weapon options available.

The Grenade Launcher, Twin Autocannon, Energy Cannon and Railgun are all compatible with both the Blackguard or Ravager kits giving you access to many possible armament combinations. This additional weapon options are priced at £1.50 each.

On a different note don't forget that our building ranges are being discontinued on 31st of January 2014, when they will be removed from the website, some have already sold out.
Terrain items to be discontinued;

ACTR1 Large Mesa Set - 3 Pieces £35.00
ACTR2 Small Mesa Set - 6 Pieces £25.00
ACTR3 Mesa Base Piece - £5.00

ARC Fleet Building items to be discontinued;

AFBD1 ARC Fleet Building Set 1 £50.00
AFBD2 ARC Fleet Building Set 2 £50.00
AFBD3 ARC Fleet Refinery Set £60.00
AFBD4 ARC Fleet Hab Block £7.50
AFBD5 ARC Fleet Store Block £7.50
AFBD6 ARC Fleet Admin Block 1 £7.50
AFBD7 ARC Fleet Munitions Block £7.50
AFBD8 ARC Fleet Admin Block 2 £7.50
AFBD9 ARC Fleet Small Armoury Block £7.50
AFBD10 ARC Fleet Pump House £7.50
AFBD11 ARC Fleet Armoured Processing Block £7.50
AFBD12 ARC Fleet Barrack Block £11.50
AFBD13 ARC Fleet Armoured Command Centre £15.00
AFBD14 ARC Fleet Armoury Block £15.00
AFBD15 ARC Fleet Research Facility £11.50
AFBD16 ARC Fleet Armoured Otilium Refinery £25.00
AFBD17 ARC Fleet Large Otilium Silo £15.00
AFBD18 ARC Fleet Small Otilum Silo £6.00
AFBD19 ARC Fleet Otilum Storage Tank £12.00

ACOB2 ARC Fleet Comms Tower Objective £8.00

Kaamados Dominion Building items to be discontinued;

KAULTIMATE Kaamados Ultimate Building Deal £170.00
KADEAL Kaamados Building Mega Deal £52.00
KABD1 Kaamados Building Set 1 £28.50
KABD2 Kaamados Building Set 2 £23.50
KABD3 Kaamados Great Pyramid 1 £50.00
KABD4 Kaamados Great Pyramid 2 £50.00
KABD10 Kaamados Sub Station £9.50
KABD11 Kaamados Habitation Unit £9.50
KABD12 Kaamados Control Centre £22.00
KABD13 Kaamados Vivipara Barracks £16.50
KABD14 Kaamados Command Centre £25.00

KAOB2 Kaamados Power Node Objective Marker £4.50
KAOB3 Kaamados Tri-Power Converter Objective Marker £4.50

Finally free world wide shipping on all order over £50 is still available so now is the perfect time to grab these buildings before they are gone.