Critical Mass Games October Releases

Critical Mass Games announces October releases:

From their announcement:

Octobers 15mm Sci-Fi releases are now available in the Critical Mass Games online store.

This month we have the much anticipated release of the Kaamados Great pyramids.

Kaamados Building Set 3 – (KABD3 Kaamados Great Pyramid 1 – Price and contents – £50.00)
Kaamados Building Set 4 – (KABD4 Kaamados Great Pyramid 2 – Price and contents -£50.00)

Additionally we have the release of the Kaamados Control Center and two new objective markers.

Kaamados Building – (KABD14 – Kaamados Command Centre – £25.00)
Kaamados – (KAOB2 Kaamados Power Node Objective Marker – £4.50)
Kaamados – (KAOB3 Kaamados Power Covertor Node Objective Marker – £4.50)

Finally we have put together a limited supply of just 10 ULTIMATE Kaamados building deals containing one of the each of the Kaamados buildings (7 in total) plus this month two new objectives for £170.00 giving a total saving of £16.00.

For more details and more detailed images of the building interiors check out the website.