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Critical Mass Games launches ZAS 15mm Mercs Kickstarter

Critical Mass Games has launched their Kickstarter project in order to expand out their 15mm ZAS Mercs line. Go take yourself a look.

From the campaign:

Critical Mass Games has launched its first Kickstarter campaign to help fund the 15mm ZAS Mercenaries Miniature range and is looking for your support.

Building on the popular MERC13 pack already in existance this project aims to create a basic infantry squad and command, then as we hit our goals include heavy weapons in the line up.

If we exceed our initial goals we will also look to introducing VTOLs for the ZAS into the project.

Click the link above to take a look at the ZAS campaign, there is a video explaining what we are aiming to do, has concept sketches of the ZAS and a painting guide explaining how the original ZAS where painted.