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Critical Mass Games Announces New Releases

Critical Mass Games Announces New Releases:

From their announcement:

This month's much awaited releases are now available in the Protolene Khanate section of the online store.

The Protolene Khans, great warrior leaders of the Scout, Hunter and Predator sects are available in 3 different corresponding infantry packs. Each pack contains 6 miniatures, 2 of each pose.

PRKH1 - Protolene Khanate Scout Khan Command Figures - £3.70
PRKH2 - Protolene Khanate Hunter Khan Command Figures - £3.70
PRKH3 - Protolene Khanate Predator Khan Command Figures - £3.70

These miniatures represent the army command figures from the Protolene Khanate lists found in the Critical Mass Rulebook.