Critical Mass Games a look ahead in 2011

By tgn_admin
In Sci-fi
Jan 6th, 2011

Critical Mass Games have posted a look at their plans for releases in 2011.

Praesentia Vehicles to be released Apr 2011

Praesentia Vehicles to be released Apr 2011

From their announcement:

Critical Mass Games has posted its yearly review over on the forums taking a look back at 2010 and providing a glimpse ahead in to 2011 and the releases to come.

  • shiny

    Oh good lawd those are sexy.


  • Robert

    Me too
    Totally agree

    etc etc etc

    Man. Critical Mass has a lot to do with my entry into 15mm gaming. I really should hate them.

  • LaughingFerret

    Oh Yes. Sign me up.
    Maybe too high-tech looking for any of the 15mm forces I have right now though… guess I’ll have to get some infantry to match!

    • LaughingFerret

      you know, these could make great spaceships too: battleships, cruisers & escorts.

      • Zac

        I think you’re right. Mod a few up to make some Escort Cruisers and Frigates and you have a Starmada fleet

  • Yes, I will definitely leave some money with CMG. Just beautiful, and 15mm is easier to store than 28mm 😀

  • Great stuff from Charles Oines.