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Critical Mass Ayame Battlesuit Kickstarter goes live

Critical Mass Games has launched their Kickstarter campaign in order to fund their new 30mm Ayame Battlesuit mini.


From the campaign:

Critical Mass Games has gone live with its 30mm Ayame Kickstarter Campaign and has already hit 25% funding. The campaign is looking to raise £4000 to fund the production of the Ayame Battlesuit miniature in the larger scale.

The Ayame Battlesuit Kit stands an impressive 70mm tall and comes with 6 pairs of arms as standard enabling it to be built in Hunter, Scout, and Predator Variants.

Current stretch goals will unlock Protolene Infantry in the same scale as the Ayame Battlesuit as well as the more heavily armed Assault Suit Variants.

Pledge levels start at £12 with the sweet spot being £80 on the early bird War Pack pledges.