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Critical Mass 30mm Ayame Battlesuit Kickstarter ready to launch

Critical Mass Games is showing off some preview images for their Ayame Battlesuit Kickstarter campaign, showing off the scale comparisons so you know the size of the mini you're getting.


From the announcement:

Critical Mass Games is pleased to announce the launch of its second KIckstarter campaign starting this Saturday 22nd November.

With your help we are are looking to upscale the 15mm Ayame Battlesuits to 30mm, and beyond this use stretch goals to produce 30mm Protolene Infantry Miniatures to accompany the Ayames into battle as well as all the Ayame Assault Suit variants.

Our initial funding goal is £4000. So please come support our campaign and see these wonderful models brought to life.

As you can see from the images the new Ayame is a formidable beast measuring an impressive 70mm tall.

You can get a look at the project video here.

The project will start with a limited number of early birds and includes free worldwide shipping on pledges so please join the campaign early if you wish to take advantage of this.

For those of you attending the Battleground show on the 29th Nov in Stockton-on-Tees we will be at the show trading with Figures in Comfort and will have a prototype 30mm Ayame with us if you'd like to come and take a look.