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Critical Hit Media Running Beasties & Bygones Raunchy RPG Kickstarter

Critical Hit Media is running a Kickstarter campaign for Beasties & Bygones, their Raunchy Comedy RPG book, available in either 3.5 OGL or Dungeon World format. Don't take your game too seriously, as you play satirical versions of classic fantasy classes and races. You can even check out a free preview of the Jester class on their page.

From the campaign:

Beasties & Bygones is the tabletop role-playing game featured in the Game Knights series.

Play your own outrageous, raunchy, fantasy cartoon series one episode at a time. This kickstarter will fund the creation of the Beasties & Bygones Campaign Sourcebook and a season of comedy RPG adventures in the Season One Adventure Bundle.
Even if you are not a role-player, these books should be a fun read!

The books will include satirical takes on classes, races and monsters from classic fantasy worlds like D&D, Lord of the Rings, Norse mythology, Greek mythology and much more.