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Crit Hit Gaming Convention Up On Kickstarter

Running a gaming convention is hard. Trust me. I was in charge of the first CMON Expo. So I know, first-hand, what all it takes to make one successful. Well, the folks behind the Crit Hit Gaming Convention, being held in July in Phoenix, AZ want to make sure that it's the best show that it can possibly be. In order to make that happen, they're up on Kickstarter looking to raise some funds.

From the campaign:

An adventure gaming weekend held at the Phoenix Hilton Airport. Two days of scheduled RPG’s from Pathfinder and D&D to indie RPG’s. 3-4 rooms limited to no more than 5 tables in each room will create intimate environments to run and play RPG’s. And this year we are also introducing BOARD GAMES!

The Kickstarter campaign is really close to their goal (about 5/6 of the way there), but there's only 5 days left to get in on it.