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Crisis Pack 3 Available For DC Deck-Building Game From Cryptozoic

Ok, so the set's actually available tomorrow, but Cryptozoic posted their big announcement today so you can all be ready at at your LGS' doors tomorrow morning to get your copy (ok, it'll possibly not be there right at open. Be kind to your LGS staff. They work hard to keep you happy). But anyway, tomorrow you can get your copy of Crisis Pack 3, the latest expansion pack for the DC Deck-Building Game.

So what does this new pack bring to the table? Quite a lot, actually. As one would expect, there's new heroes and villains. There's six new characters you can take on the mantle of, and you're going to need all the help you can get because there's 14 new "Impossible Mode" super-villains (or would that be super-super-villains?). Along with the cards that everyone would expect would be there, there's also some new ways of playing the game. There's two new versions, one being completely cooperative, while another is "hidden objective"-style, so each player has a slightly different win condition. One might even be actively trying to sabotage everyone else!