Crimson Dust update

Duncan Thompson has sent along an update about his Crimson Dust sci-fi rules.

From his announcement:

Crimson Dust is a Sci-fi skirmish game designed for any scale of miniatures and to be as open as possible. It uses mulitple D6 to establish whether or not you’re sniper hits your opponents hacker, or whether your close combat monster has not just wounded it’s opponent, but torn it in half.

Crimson Dust can work with as few as a handful of models each side up to roughly 15-20 models. It includes rules for a wide variety of weaponry, equipment (including advanced camo, scopes, and much more), rules for hackers so you can play ‘Ghost in the Shell’ type actions, rules for psykers who can use the mental powers to destructive effect. It also includes a system so you can stat up your any model in your collection and use it in your games using a range of architypes with a huge choice of skills to make each model unique.

In addition we’ve been given permission to use some of the art of ‘Juddeski’ who is an artist known on several forums, his artwork now decorates the internal pages of the rule book.

This version is version 3.0, which includes many updates after a deal of playtesting to get the rules as balanced as possible, but we’re always interested in hearing any feedback, new idea or any other comments. Feel free to tell us about any house rules or adaptions you have.