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Crimean British and Bolt Action Chindits boxes now on pre-order

Warlord Games are now accepting pre-orders for their Crimean British and Bolt Action Chindits boxed sets.

From their announcement:
Warlord Games is pleased to announce that two more box sets are now ready for pre-order on our website and with your Friendly Local Gaming store - Crimean War British Line Regiment and WWII Chindits.

For the first boxed set of our brand new range, where to start better than Tommy Atkins himself, and the British Line Infantry.

Dressed in his famous Redcoat and either Albert Shako or forage cap for comfort, it was fellows like these that spearheaded the British assaults.

This metal box set contains:
  • A four man Command consisting of an Officer, two Standards and a Drummer

  • An eight man Flank Company with Forage Caps

  • A twenty man Centre Company with Forage Caps

All for just £30.

The latest addition to our Bolt Action Range are the British Chindits.

Ordinary soldiers asked to do the extraordinary, the British Chindits of Burma in WW2 have earned a fearsome reputation for bravery and sheer bloody mindedness in their drawn out daring raids behind Japanese lines. In a hostile environment, these men, nicknamed after a mythological Burmese temple beast, fought a hard war to win back Burma from the all conquering Japanese army and forged a name that will be remembered in history.

This metal box set contains:
  • Command: Officer with Thompson SMG, Sergeant with M1 Carbine, Medic and radio operator. 2-man 2" mortar team.

  • 10-man Section: 2x NCO with M1 carbine, 2-man Bren Gun team, 6 Chindits with Lee Enfield rifles.

  • 2 Burmese scouts

  • Mule and handler

  • Random wounded Chindit

All this for £25.
Hurry and place your pre-orders now at