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Crestfallen, a new Bronze Age RPG up on Kickstarter

Crestfallen, a new Bronze Age RPG up on Kickstarter

White Rose Games doesn’t think that going home with the bronze is such a bad thing. In fact, Bronze is one of the most important metals throughout history. It certainly ushered in a new set of refinements in tool-making. They’ve created Crestfallen, a new fantasy RPG set in a world where technology is much the same as our world during the Bronze Age. There’s also magic and mystical creatures. They have a Kickstarter up and running to try and get the system, powered by Fate, into your hands.

In Crestfallen, life is tough. Just about everything is out to get you. Or it could be there to help you. You never really know (but generally that sneaky, conniving GM does). Will the gods help or hinder? Will your “friends” lead you astray? Is that spirit benevolent or malevolent?

The team behind Crestfallen has been working on it for over 15 years, researching life back in the Bronze Age and trying to bring that time to life in their game. This massive, 280+ page book, has been a labor of love and they’d love to have it sitting on your tabletop.