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Creative Gamescapes will have some Spaceship X previews at GenCon

Creative Gamescapes will be headed to GenCon and you can see some previews of their Spaceship X terrain while there.

From the announcement:

CGS would like to thank everyone who has shown interest in our project. We really do appreciate you. It has been an exciting start for us.

If you’re going to be at Gencon, be sure to check out the event “The Defense of Castobel” run by Troy Weis and the gaming group “The B.o.D.” ( They’re using Space Hulk with some of our Spaceship X sets and will be running it twice on Saturday 8/17 @ 12pm and again at 4pm in ICC: Hall E: Blue 2.

This week we’ve added the Green Portal Pack, some new pledge levels for international shipping, new stretch goals including our new crewmen, and some fiction background on our new game, Laboratory X.

Green Portal Pack – Add color to your Spaceship X tile sets with the Green Portal Pack. The Green Portal Pack is a set of 10 Green Acrylic Doors that may be added for an additional $30. These doors come in green acrylic in one of four laser cut designs, Starship A, Starship B, Starship C and Starship D.

International Shipping Options – In response to a number of queries about international shipping we’ve added an international option for the SSX Crew and added several country specific Pledge Levels for the UK and Canada.

Crewmen – You can now increase your pledges to purchase individual Spaceship X Crewmen for only $6.50 each. Choose from Xandria, Scruggy, Stodgy or Lisbeth. Each is made of white metal and may contain lead. Background on the characters can be found in the update section of the campaign.

Laboratory X. Please check out the update section for the short piece.