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Creative Gamescapes Releases Laboratory X and runs End of Year Sale

Creative Gamescapes successfully shipped out their Spaceship X Kickstarter terrain. They now have it available over in their webshop. The terrain is modular and comes in 15mm and 28mm styles, including various extra pieces of terrain to help you line the walls. Along with that, they've released their new zombie-hunting game, Laboratory X. This turn-based game is designed specifically to use their Spaceship X tiles. Can the heroes find the zombie inoculation serum before they become dinner for the scientists who were developing it?

And if that weren't all, they've got a sale going on over in their webshop until the end of the year.


From the announcement:

We’re excited to have fulfilled our Spaceship X Kickstarter and to celebrate we have been running a Black Friday sale at our webstore. We’ve decided to extend the sale through the end of the year and you can enjoy savings of up to 35% on sets of Spaceship X.

We’ve also released our first game, Laboratory X: Zombie Outbreak which is available at Wargame Vault. Lab X is an entertaining, turn based zombie hunting game specifically designed for use with the Spaceship X tile set. The object is to find and retrieve Nanocorp’s Zombie Inoculation Serum which was being developed to prevent Zombie bites from becoming fatal. Unfortunately, Nanocorp’s scientists did not observe appropriate safety protocols which resulted in the infection of the scientists within the underground Lab X complex.

Lab X: Zombie Infestation includes the rules, roster sheet and enough cards (20 map cards, 12 Event Cards, 20 Equipment Cards and 24 Action Cards) to play a full game.

Each set of Spaceship X includes ship-to-ship terrain that can be used for both 15mm and 28mm scale tabletop gaming. The modular design allows a broad range of board configurations maximizing replayability for both measurement and tile-based game systems. The Spaceship X basic tile set includes a wide selection of room, corridor and intersection pieces, removable doors and fully reversible walls designed with gameplay in mind. Each set contains four sprues measuring 11 inches by 12 inches and weighs 1.5 pounds.
A detailed parts list can be found on our website.