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Creative Gamescapes launches new terrain product line

Creative Gamescapes has a new terrain product line they're happy to say is launching now.

From the notice:

Creative Gamescapes™ is pleased and proud to announce its new “Level 2” product line which builds upon and supplements its successful Spaceship X tile sets.
Level 2 allows gaming enthusiasts to add any number of upper floors to existing Spaceship X tile sets for what are literally whole new levels of gaming.
Commented Shawn Stogsdill, one of CG’s founders, “Since spacefaring ships, medical laboratories, and heavy industrial facilities, which our original tiles were designed to resemble, will have multiple levels, our gaming sets needed to reflect that.”
The Level 2 line offers 1st Floor Trusses, Upper Floor Trusses, Elevators, Staircases and Bulkheads.

For sale immediately in the Level 2 sets are four (4) 1st Floor Trusses, Eight (8) Bulkheads, and one (1) Elevator. These pieces are all precision laser-cut birch and fit seamlessly and snugly with the Spaceship X tiles. The Trusses are capable of supporting multiple levels of Spaceship X tiles. The Elevator, with two different designs, creates a realistic passage between levels and the Bulkheads are just plain awesome.
All pieces may also be purchased individually.