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Creation FMR running Quintessence card game Kickstarter

Creation FMR is running a Kickstarter campaign for Quintessence, their new strategy card game.



From the campaign:

It all started one evening, some friends and I were playing a card game. While we were playing I was thinking about changing the rules of the game to make it better. But then it came to me: Why don't I create a game, one that's fun and easy to play.

So the basic idea was to design a strategy card game for personal use when friends would come visit. I designed the decks and rules. We played a bunch of games (hundreds) to tweak the rules and create a balanced card game intended to be played by 1 to 5 players.

As time passed by, I realized the game was way better than what I expected. It was definitely the most fun we've had playing a card game with friends. Everyone wanted a copy of the game. So I taught: Why don't I try to push it to the next level?