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Create your Kingdom and fight to save it in Questlandia

Questlandia is a new RPG game that's up on Kickstarter. In the game, you and your fellow players create the kingdoms that you must then save from societal collapse.
The game's already reached its goal, so it's stretch goals for 25 days.


From the campaign:

In the game, players take on the role of characters trying to achieve their own goals amidst the chaos of a failing society. Characters come from many different backgrounds. You may play the role of nobility or peasantry. You may be a shopkeeper, mercenary, wizard, librarian, an artisan, or a thief. Whatever your differences, as the game plays out, you’ll discover the ways in which your fates are intertwined.

Characters in Questlandia have Traits, Relationships, a Weakness and a Goal. Your actions in the game will decide the Fortunes and Misfortunes your character encounters in their epilogue.