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Crazy Moldmaking In Progress at Defiance Games!

Defiance Games LLC shows insight to their mold making process for their products:

From their announcement:

Defiance Games has pulled the trigger on tooling - after spending a bit of time creating a new digital workflow for mold design - and now the plastic is in sight! Our manufacturing center is right down the road from us in Massachusetts - so once the tooling wraps up the release will be right on its heels.

Our first set for the Alien War range will be USMC (circa 2259). 24 figures/box with a suggested retail price of $29.95. These will include 25mm round plastic bases as well.

Visit our site to see more of the plans for our full SF line in 28mm (1/56 scale) hard plastic (1/56 means a human is 32-33mm tall with "normal" proportions)

The German Panzergrenadiers are off to tooling next followed by our first alien race - "Hudson's Bugs". We'll turn our attention to a couple Edge Sets after these before coming back and fleshing out the USMC and Germans (Core Forces in Alien War)

Howard Whitehouse is also hard at work putting the finishing touches on Combat: Alien War - our rules set which will be available FREE from our website and later in printed form.

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