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Cratered Hab Dome released at The Ion Age

The Ion Age plays homewrecker and releases their new Cratered Hab Dome terrain piece over in their webshop.

IAF015I Cratered Hab Dome


From the release:

Hab Domes are tough. They need to be. But sometimes that tough exterior comes up against something so lethal that it leaves the Hab Dome a totally ruined shell of what it used to gloriously be. Since we began our terrain range we have had requests for damaged and destroyed structures and after some hard work we can give you just that in the form of the Cratered Hab Dome. A high quality grey tone resin one piece casting which is 65mm wide and 10mm to 25mm tall with a high degree of external and internal detailing. It fits in well with the rest of the terrain range such as the Hab Dome and Block House. Suitable for use in any science fiction setting as well as The Ion Age. Decorate your wargame table. As always this code can be bought as a pack or as a single or select the three packs and save 10% option on the page. Click on through for IAF015I Cratered Hab Dome.

Information Burst
Busy week this week as we enter the last few days for the current IMP free miniature in June. Those who have already gotten the Malig Tank Ace have sent me emails and messages about just how useful and unique the little metal fellow is. Enjoy him and the special offer if you are in a mind for Space Goblins. I can confirm we will have a new Early Supporter Offer (ESO) set in July and it will be on another group of Prydian vehicle codes. This week also sees a first for us in the form of stocking a terrain code from our sister brand Normally we do not do this but the Rocky Outcrops are featuring in our photos so it seemed a good idea. Pick up a set if you are keen. Our lead designer Sam Croes spent a lot of time creating this week's release with a massive amount of work upon his original Hab Dome to create the cratered version which as it turned out is almost entirely an original design its so altered. We have a blog post about the League of Canlaster and showing photos of their Msuter and Adder painted in their schemes for you to look as well. Lastly remember that by placing an order with us you will sign up for an account with the website and that means you get Reward Points in all purchases (plus a free miniature). These points can be used any time to get free products and discounts on orders.

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