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Crafty Games Running Mistborn: House War Kickstarter

Running a country isn't easy. There's things like social upheaval, rival political factions looking to take over, natural disasters that displace populations and ruin resources, and neighboring countries looking grab your land. That's not even a fully-exhaustive list! But ruling an empire is just what you've got to do in Mistborn: House War, a new board game based off the Mistborn: The Final Empire book. The game's up on Kickstarter now.


The game is a cooperative effort in that you need to protect the Empire against threats (both foreign and domestic). However, you'll also be competing to become the most powerful House. You do this by the favor of the Lord Ruler. If you enjoy a good political game where you form alliance, but at the same time work to destroy those around you, this might just be the game for you.

The game's made it to more than 2x funding in their campaign already with still 34 days left to go.