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Cradle: Creator's Challenge, a new card and dice game up on Kickstarter

Cradle: Creator's Challenge, from Precarious @ Best, is a new card and dice game that's looking for funding up on Kickstarter. They've got a rules .pdf up as well so you can try it out for yourself.

From the campaign:

In Cradle: Creator's Challenge, you are a god-like Creator. In the name of competition, you and your rival conjure a world. Sweeping plains, rugged mountains and deep oceans spring into existence at your command, and are then filled with life; be it by brawn or brain, your creations will vie for dominance. Anything you can imagine, you may create; the Challenge will support you with a single system of resolution.

Each Creator has uniform tools at their disposal; everything you need to play is in the box. The game is played in two Phases: In Phase I, Creators alternate playing Tiled Cards to create a map, and use octagonal Origin Points to set where their Creations spawn from. In Phase II, Body & Soul Cards are paired together to make 3 Creations per team, which are then represented by pawns on the map. As the pawns are moved around the field, they will come into conflict with Rival Creations. Conflict is resolved with 1 to 3 six-sided dice. A continually exchanged Event Card assigned to each Creation provides aid or presents challenges as the game unfolds. The game is over when one side has lost both Origin Points or all 3 Creations.