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Cracked Monocle, a local Austin gaming company, bets big on SXSW

Cracked Monocle will be heading to the predominantly video-game convention SXSW and they'd love to see you there.


From the announcement:

Cracked Monocle, a local Austin tabletop gaming company, takes the risk and bets big on attending the rapidly growing Gaming Expo at SXSW. The self-published gaming company has been attending conventions around the state for the past two years, however, with the growth of the SXSW Gaming Expo, Cracked Monocle decided to risk the cost of the traditionally video game heavy event for the potential exposure that it offers.

Daniel Burrow, the company’s owner, stated, “We are really looking forward to SXSW. It gives us the opportunity to not only reach an entirely new audience, but also, for the first time, show off our games at a highly publicized event.”

“Counting the booth costs, banners, and promotional materials needed for us to make SXSW successful, this will be the single-most expensive event or promotional campaign that Cracked Monocle has ever participated in, but we feel that with the amazing community that SXSW has developed and the increasing interest in tabletop games, that the exposure and feedback we receive will be more than worth it.” said Alex Whisenhunt, Cracked Monocle’s Marketing Director.

With the growing success of their tabletop role-playing game, Tephra: the Steampunk RPG, SXSW is just one of the strategies that the company is employing to grow their player base, including a new website and several contracts with distributors around the country.

Cracked Monocle can be found at booth 239 and will be running 15-minute Tephra demos, displaying previews of upcoming products, and holding developer book signings.