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CP Models buys Elheim series one

CP Models have purchased the Series One range of miniatures from Elhiem Figures. TQD Russians From their announcement:
I am pleased to announce that CP Models has bought the rights to Elheim series one & Lamercraft sets lc21-32 These sets will be re-coded & integrated into TQD Castings 20mm WWII ranges. As these figures were sculpted by Tony Boustead they make the perfect addition to expand the TQD ranges The first batch of releases are the Soviets
  • TQD 220 Soviet Snipers
  • TQD 221 Nkvd Interrogators
  • TQD 222 1943 Red Army Riflemen Advancing
  • TQD 223 1943 Red Army Squad Command
  • TQD 224 1943 Red Army Riflemen Skirmishing
  • TQD 225 Red Army Riflemen Wearing Soft Caps
  • TQD 226 Red Army Command Wearing Soft Caps
These sets are available from now with more sets to follow shortly Mark