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CP Models and TQD Castings latest 20mm WWII releases

TQD Castings have released several new 20mm WWII miniatures which are available from CP Models. U.S. Riflemen Skirmishing From their announcement:
Latest TQD Castings 20mm WWII releases WWII U.S. Infantry
  • TQD-AI1 U.S. General, MP & Sniper With Russian Rifle
  • TQD-AI2 U.S. Riflemen Skirmishing
  • TQD-AI3 U.S. NCO's Skirmishing
  • TQD-AI4 U.S. Infantry With Browning Automatic Rifles
  • TQD-AI5 U.S. Infantry Bazooka Team
  • TQD-AI6 U.S. Infantry HBT Uniform
Early WWII Waffen SS
  • TQD-GS5 SS Snipers
  • TQD-GS6 1938-43 Early War Waffen SS
  • TQD-GS8 Waffen SS NCO's In Early Smocks Armed With Mp40'S
  • TQD-GS9 Waffen SS In M38/40 Early Type Smocks With K98'S
  • TQD-GS10 Waffen SS In M38 Early Type Smocks Armed With Auto Rifles
  • TQD-GS11 Waffen SS In Early Smocks Armed With Mp44
  • TQD-GS12 Waffen SS Grenadiers In Early Smocks Armed With Mg34'S
  • TQD-GS13 Waffen SS Tank Hunters In Early Smocks W/ Panzerfausts
These sets were part of Elheim Series one & out of production. They have now been re-coded & integrated into TQD Castings 20mm WWII ranges. I am pleased to announce they are now available again from