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Covalent Crisis Science Dice Game up on Kickstarter

Axenic Games is running a Kickstarter campaign for Covalent Crisis, their new science-based dice game. Players are astronauts stranded on an alien world. They must acquire the resources to refill their fuel and water tanks so they can make it back to Earth. Time is against them, though, as the game has a 20-minute limit on it. Don't fill your tanks in time? Sorry, space cowboy, you're not getting home. The game is a bit Yahtzee with some science thrown in, and I'm not being Ionic (sorry. Had to).
The campaign is set to run for another 27 days.

From the campaign:

Stranded on a distant planet after a long mission? Wrecked with no hope for survival except the basic elements around you? Can you make it back to Earth in time before you run out of oxygen or your ship is overtaken by alien parasites? You have no choice; you must try your hardest or suffocate in the vacuum of space! Welcome to Covalent Crisis!

In Covalent Crisis, players assume the roles of astronauts stranded on a distant planet after a dangerous mission for their home government on Earth. Your ship has crashed, and you are low on supplies. Worse yet, your wounds are grave and will kill you.....if the alien parasites don't get you first!

Covalent Crisis is an easy to learn, fast paced dice game for two to four players, ages 10 and up, and designed by Gerrod Garcia & Steven Wineke of Axenic Games. The object of the game is to fill all of the tanks on your space ship with the necessary chemical compounds to repair your ship and return home to Earth.

Throughout the game you will roll 8 six sided dice, each with Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, and Carbon represented on the sides.