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Countdown: Action Edition Hostage Role Preview Posted

Countdown: Action Edition is coming soon from Dog Might Games. It brings all the action and excitement from 80s movies to your tabletop. And what do many 80s action movies have in common? A hostage situation. In this preview, they take a look at the Hostage role in the game (yes, you can possibly be a hostage in the game), to let you know that while you may be tied up, you're far from helpless.

From the post:

Hostages are what make a hostage situation… well… a hostage situation. Without these innocent (or sometimes not so innocent) members of society, we wouldn’t have many of the great movie scenes that we do. These are the unsung heroes of all action films and today, they will finally get the attention they deserve in this week’s Countdown: Action Edition article.

In every Countdown: Action Edition game, the majority of players will be Hostage Characters, so it’s important to understand how they work and how crucial their actions can be. While Hostages may seem like unlucky pedestrians just thrown into the mix, they arguably have the greatest impact in a game of Countdown. Each Hostage Character has vital information that they can provide to the Action Hero to help identify Villains. Each Hostage also has an Action Scene that can be used to gain more info or help buy the Action Hero some more time. During a game of Countdown, Hostages need to work together as a group to gain freedom and escape a great big explodey death.