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Cosmic Wombat Games updates their Stone of Fate Kickstarter campaign

Cosmic Wombat Games updated their Stones of Fate Kickstarter campaign to have new rewards and tier pledge levels.

From the update:

Now you can pledge $30 to upgrade your copy of the game to glass stones. If you don't want to change your pledge level but still want the glass stones, just go in and add $10 for the first game and $5 for each additional game you have ordered. Your games will then come with high quality glass stones. You can get the signed copy of the game with glass stones for only $40.

We have made a few other changes around here. The first thing you will notice is the new Stones of Fate logo on the home page picture. We thought that the plain text of the previous logo didn't really fit the fun, mystical theme of the game well. We hope this new logo will resonate more with our audience. Please let us know what you think in the comments.