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Cosmic Patrol Available in Hardback

Cosmic Patrol Available in Hardback:

From their announcement:

Need to apologize to my intrepid crewmen every where. It’s been far too many weeks since an update. All I can do is ask forgiveness…I’m been sun-up-to-sun-down (and way, way down past that) for the last two plus weeks launching two new BattleTech websites…hasn’t been much room for sleeping, much less anything else. They’re finally in a solid enough state I can get back to my regular duties and play some serious catch up.

With that taken care of, it’s Cosmic Patrol Street Date day…that means the Cosmic Patrol Core Rulebook is available on retailer’s shelves. As cool as it was to hold the book in its Gen Con Special softcover format, holding the hard cover is a whole other level of awesome. I love a good quality book in binding, paper weight and more (yeah, even the smell of fresh printing right off the binder trapped inside shrink wrap)…and this one is just fantastic. It’s the new and improved little red book!

Do yourself a favor and even if you’ve already got the PDF, check out the book at your local game store…well worth the rocketship detour.

Next week I’ll get back to discussing the next book in development.

Till next episode!